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The demands of the market have pointed out that there is a big demand on transportation services at a high level at the transportation market.

  • 1997 Our company was found in 1997 of June to execute international transportation commissions. Our warehouse (since 2004 owned) live in Környe with 600 m2 office.
  • 1998 At the beginning we extended our work with own 3 pieces of 24 ton-heavy-duty-vehicles
  • 2000 Our company received the ISO 9002 certificate of quality that was replaced by the ISO 9001 on the entire activity of the company in 2004. click here
  • 2004 we started our warhause activity
  • 2005 our vehicle park stand already 50 own vehicle
  • 2010 our warehouse expended 2000 m2
  • 2011 our storage capacity 4000 m2
  • 2012 we have opened our own truck service center and truck wash
  • 2013 we acquired HACCP certificate click here
  • 2014 we increase our vehicle park, we started this year 113 truck and 131 trailer.

Nowadays the role of environment protection are growing. With the maintenance of the modern vehicle park – according to the domestic and European environmental norms - make for environment protection. During the office work the environmental awareness became top priority. Currently the optical archive is introducing to our company.

We suggest innovative possibilities to our Partners, storage and transship. Thereby contributing to customer satisfaction.

The up-to-date software-network and the communication network on our every single vehicle, and GPS system (webeye) help the work of our colleagues and our Customers. On our premises there is security guard to ensure the protection of car park.


All over these formed today’s image of Transintertop Ltd which there is on tranportation market with dynamic development rightly!

Our mission:

Value Added Solution