Transintertop Kft. is founded in order to serve international transportation needs.

1998 We buy our first four own, 24 t-vehicles
2000 Our operation is certified according to ISO 9002:1996 standard
2004 We acquire ISO 9001:2008 standard
2004 We buy our current premises in Környe
2004 We start our storage activity in 1000 squaremeters
2005 Our own service center is launched
2009 Kaff Logistics is established by us to carry out overseas shipments
2011 Our storage area is expanding further
2012 We are also expanding our services with car/truck wash base
2013 We acquire HACCP certificate for road transportation
2014 Our current, modern office building is built
2017 Our new warehouse, own petrol station and canteen are built
2018 We adopt ISO 9001:2015 standard
2019 Our fleet is composed of more than 155 trucks & 185 trailers
2021 We are expanding our warehouse space to retain jobs and serve our customers’ needs

Why do we believe we would be the right representative of our partners in the implementation of transportation tasks and accomplishment of warehousing activity?

We have a client- and employee- focused mindset. We consider our employees and counterparties as our key values, therefore we are always striving to maintain long-term cooperation with them.
25 years of experience incorporates well our youthful impetus, hence we are able to work flexibly, quickly and accurately, professionally and reliably, in line with current market demands.
Our experience, technical background and capacity enable us to provide extra service packages, extra transport solutions according to our customers’ needs and to be able to effectively connect to the processes of multinational companies.