With our own, modern vehicle fleet we provide high-quality transport services to Western European countries and domestically with a wide range of trailers.

Domestically and internationally

With our own, high-capacity, modern fleet and with the help of our stable, reliable subcontractors we meet the needs of our clients.


Transportation of hazardous goods – ADR

Self-owned service background

Wide variety of trailers

Express delivery

with 2 drivers


High-value shipments

HACCP compliance

Standby trailers

Customs clearance

Freight forwarding

with 3,5 + 7,5 + 12 + 24 T vehicles

The accurate and complete execution of orders is guaranteed by the work of our qualified freight planner and administrator team, possessing extensive experience in the field of road transportation.

They are available in Hungarian, English and German with 24-hour availability.

Our main directions include Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Northern France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic, Northern Italy, Denmark, but thanks to our reliable, qualified subcontractors, we can meet a wide range of our customers’ transportation needs.

Our own, continuously expanding site is located in Környe, an outstandingly good location: in the northern part of Hungary, in the proximity of Tatabánya and Oroszlány Industrial Park and the M1 and E60 motorway – thus the most ideal route to Western Europe. All of this allows us to respond flexibly and quickly to the various transport and storage requirements.