We are able to serve our customers’ needs even more comprehensively with our warehousing services. In our premises in Környe, we provide high-bay and bulk storage capability at the area of 25.000 m2.

Due to the location of our central warehouse, we can provide an excellent solution for manufacturers and trading companies located in Tatabánya and within its 50 km- radius, who would like to store their products according to the highest technical and safety conditions.

Although, the loading is solved both by hand and machine, the material flow takes place entirely by electronic means with paperless technology, enabling us to perform our service with extremely high accuracy.

Our warehouse is located in a 24-hour security guarded area which is equipped with alarm system and CCTV.

We are supporting our clients’ work with the stock account, which was designed and created according to their requirements. It provides them up-to-date information through online inventory access.

Thanks to our transportation service, we can arrange the delivery of the goods into and out of our warehouse, making the logistics process even more efficient.

Logistics services

  • Entry into and removal from the warehouse
    Based on FEFO, FIFO needs
  • Storage in blocks and on racks
  • Container loading
  • Barcode handling
  • Activities based on added value
    Commissioning, labelling, packaging, unit load construction
  • Operation of an ERP system, designed according to customer needs
  • Online stock trackability
  • Pallet and returns management


  • Inventory and liability insurance
  • Watch keeping, check-in system, security and reception service
  • 24-hour fire and burglar alarm
  • Sprinkler system
  • Inductive controlled material handling between corridors

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